Local Sailor Defies All Odds After Accident Nearly Claims His Life

Local Sailor Defies All Odds After Accident Nearly Claims His Life (Image 1)

It was a night the changed
the life of one local sailor forever. 

Petty Officer first class Whitney
Bellow was hit by a drunk driver in December on the corner of Wheeler Road and
Walton Way Extension.  Bellow was the
designated driver that night and was just taking a quick trip to the gas
station.  He nearly lost his life in that
accident, dying twice at the hospital. 
And although he's still recovering, he's doing something this weekend to
prove to those around him that he's going to make a full recovery. 

Doctors didn't think
Bellow would ever walk again, but he wouldn't accept that as an outcome.  Bellow was on the path to becoming a naval
officer, something he's dreamt about his whole life.  This weekend he's proving he can still do
that.  For the past 4 years, Bellow has
been taking part in the Tour LaFitte, a 10 mile bike ride in Louisiana, which
raises money for the Special Olympics.  The
Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center lent him a tryke so he could try and do it
this year.  He says this time means more
than years past because he's not only proving to himself that he will make a
full recovery, but also to those who never thought he would have even made it
this far.

“In doing this, I
think we're going to show that no matter what obstacle you may encounter, no
matter what happens in your life, you fight, you push forward, you overcome
those things,” said Petty Officer 1st Class, Whitney Bellow.  “These experiences are changing, but you have
to decide if it will be a change for the positive, making you a better person,
trying to improve the lives of others, or if it won't.'

As Bellow regains his
physical strength, defying all odds, it's his mental strength that his
therapist says is most amazing.

“I was a little
pessimistic at first because he was not able to even get a full revolution on a
bicycle,” said Eric Johnson, Bellow's Therapist.  “But as we kept training and doing things, he
got stronger and stronger, still has a little compensation he's doing but he's
able to do 100 times what he was able to do in the beginning so I'm excited

As for the bike that
Bellow would normally use, he is lending that to a retired Navy chief so that
he can ride with him as part of “Team Bellow.”

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