PTA Treasurer Responds to Misuse Allegations

PTA Treasurer Responds to Misuse Allegations (Image 1)

An investigation has been
launched into the Willis Foreman Elementary PTA account's activities. At the
center of the investigation is the group's treasurer, Monique Braswell

I wanted her to 'tell me
what happened. Why are these allegations just flying up?'

“Well, this is a
pattern of this principal of this school. Bottom line,” Braswell explains.

Monique Braswell says
there is a problem with Willis Foreman's PTA- but it's not her. Still,
allegations of mishandling money and excessive account activity have raised

She responds, “yes,
there were quite a few checks written over the summer that had to be

Braswell says the checks
were written to cover bills that posted later in the year, like PTA training
and the school's candy fundraiser. Which, according to the Georgia PTA
handbook, are acceptable summer expenses.

But there were other

I asked her,'so, what
about the missing money or the misplaced money?'

“The money came out
and went back in right away,” she responds.

Braswell revealed Fifth
Third Bank transaction records that show there were no withdrawals made in the
month of July 2012. Only deposits. Proof, she says, that she did mistakenly
move $1,400 from the wrong account, but did nothing criminal.

She believes she's in the
hot seat because she was the only one on the account, but by no fault of her
own. She says”when that man resigned and the rest of them resigned, they
never sent anything to us saying they took it back.”

That man, being PTA
president, Baine Flournoy. Flournoy and other members of the school's PTA
resigned earlier this year, but Flournoy was reinstated by the school's
principal. Braswell says because no one informed her of the change, she remains
the only person in charge of the accounts. She insists, when there were other
board members, they did sign off on account activity as well.

Hoping to clear her name
with documents like these.

“And here's my hands,” Braswell
offers, in an effort to affirm her innocence.

We spoke with Richmond County Board of
Education Superintendent, Dr. Frank Roberson, who says – quote, “The
Richmond County Board of Education has made no allegations against Ms.
Braswell. The PTA is a very important component of the school program and we
want it functioning effectively.”  –
end quote. A meeting with the Georgia PTA president will be held on Wednesday,
May 8th.

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