What’s Really On Craigslist?

What's Really On Craigslist? (Image 1)

In a five minute search we found two ads on Craigslist with Richmond County addresses. One advertisement is seeking a “good time and is soliciting “Molly”, which is slang for a pure form of the drug Ecstasy. The other is posted from a couple seeking a sex partner. Officers say soliciting sex is not a crime if there is no money involved and if all parties are over 18.

Soliciting illegal drugs on the other hand, is a crime. We took this information to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office to see if investigators monitor Craigslist. The answer may surprise you.

Richmond County Sheriff's Office investigator, Michael McDaniel, explains,” I am still kind of dumbfounded by it. I have not been on Craigslist in probably 4 to 5 years.”

Inv. McDaniel says investigators search for keywords, suspects, and monitor potential crimes on social media sites, but he admits they hardly look at Craigslist, unless they get a complaint.

In the past, cases involving Craigslist in Richmond County have been limited to theft. Inv. McDaniel says they may be changing their policies. “Once the public sees or learns that kind of suspicious activity is going on, they need to notify us. Get with our Vice Division, they will start their own operation and start monitoring their activity on Craigslist, or any other site for that matter,” explains McDaniel.

Inv. McDaniel says online crime rates are low in Richmond County. That's one reason why they haven't closely monitored Craigslist. He also says the site can be tricky when it comes to targeting what truly is a crime.

If you see suspicious activity online, contact the Richmond County Sheriff's Office at 706-828-1080 or online at http://www.augustaga.gov/index.aspx?nid=294.




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