Graniteville Health Study Findings Released

The Family Y of Graniteville held the “Healthy You, Healthy
Graniteville” community event today.

The program focused on providing information on health
services for Graniteville area residents regarding the environment and future
of the community since the chemical spill.

It featured a panel discussion about the aftermath of the
chlorine gas disaster from 2005.

Dr. Lucy Annang is one of the study's lead investigators
from USC's Arnold School of Public Health and says the spill is still having a
devastating impact on the community eight years later.

Dr. Lucy Annang, Investigator of USC
Arnold School of Public Health says, “So the economic infrastructure, the Mill having been one of
the major employers and major mainstays in the community, that was gone. So
people continue to see not just that industry being gone increased with the
health ailments as well.”

The event was the culmination of the RISE Project by the
University of South Carolina's Arnold School that determined the long-term
health impact of accident on community members.

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