Locals Bowfishing for A Cause

Locals Bowfishing for A Cause (Image 1)

The phrase “Hunt For Life” has special meaning for Tripp Boggus.

“Dad took me hunting one day and I shot my first deer. It was a small deer, but still the biggest deer I ever shot because it started the whole Hunt for Life idea that I had,” he shares.
From there, he founded the nonprofit organization. Hunt for Life aims to better the lives of sick children and adults through hunting and fishing trips. Trips, he says, that changed his life.
Brendon Phillips, a supporter of the organization, remembers when “he was going hunting with me one morning and I showed up to his house to pick him up and the boy was still awake from the night before. He was like I'm too excited, I'm too excited.”
So, when the organization needed more funding, Tripp had just the way to raise the money.

'”The first annual bow fishing tournament,” Bogus explains.
Phillips adds, “this is basically a charity tournament. We wanted to do this to put money to Hunt for Life to take kids on fishing trips to take kids on hunting trips.”
Kids like Tripp, who may not be able to go hunting or fishing otherwise.
Dozens of fisher men and women from across the CSRA came out in the dreary weather to support Hunt for Life. Confirmation, Tripp says, that he's doing the right thing. 

“It just makes me feel like I done what I've needed to do,” he shares.

The Bowfishing tournament blasted off at 7:30 this evening and will continue until 3 a.m. If you missed tonight's event, but would like to donate, visit the organization's web site http://www.huntforlife.com

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