Emergency Sirens Could Help During A Disaster

Emergency Sirens Could Help During A Disaster (Image 1)

Theresa Von Plinsky of Augusta says, “It may be an inconvenience for a few seconds, but if it's something we need to save lives it's worth the annoyance. A lot of things about life are annoying but are still critical to our safety.”

Theresa Von Plinksy has been living in Augusta for over forty years and she is talking about the possibility of emergency sirens like one at Georgia Regents University being put up in Richmond County.

Von Plinsky says, “Since there are different types of emergency, gas leaks, tornadoes, chemical problems, maybe a plant explosion. We need to have strategically located sirens that we can refer to a specific area with a specific tone that you know how to respond to.”

Emergencies like the Graniteville chemical disaster eight years ago that killed nine people.

That crash released 60 tons of chlorine gas, sending 250 people to the hospital.

Jason Nappi, WJBF meteorologist: “Trains carrying hazardous chemicals pass through downtown Augusta every day. Could something like the Graniteville disaster happen here?”

The investigator for the University of South Carolina's Arnold School of Public Health says emergency sirens would help during a disaster, but it would only be one part…

Dr. Lucy Annang, USC of Arnold School of Public Health says, “Some form of active communication, so it can't be a siren and people say what is that. So there's gotta be some type of communication even from the development through the planning process.”

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