Fast Food Wars Heating Up Across America

Fast Food Wars Heating Up Across America (Image 1)

Need to make a run for the border, but you only have a dollar? Ok, but you have to make it between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. during Taco Bells “Happier Hour”.

“It's four o'clock , I've got one hour” and grillers are the only food item on the menu.

“For $2.16, I've got my spicy buffalo chicken griller and my Frutasia Freezer to cool me down from the spice”

Soon, the fast food giant says you'll be able to “live mas” for less all day  long  with *twelve* different options on its “dollar cravings” menu, rolling out nationwide this year.

Its rivals have been at it for years

You can get a McDouble,  Wendy's chicken nuggets, or a Burger King Whopper Junior all for around a buck.

The fast food chains are locked in a fierce battle for our wallets that has them practically giving food away.

John A. Gordon, is a principal of pacific management consulting group, a chain restaurant analysis and advisory firm, and he says” ….there are tremendous number of competitors battling for market share”

The chains use these mega deals to get us through the door, hoping some of us will opt for the menu items in which they are actually making a reasonable profit.

It's called the barbell strategy.

Gordon says, “There is typically a clump of menu items thought of at the upper end, the so called premium or higher price end and then you have another cluster of items on the other end… you're hope is that you will trade people up over time. 

You can expect better deals from sit-down restaurants too.

Now at the Olive Garden, after you finish your bottomless salad and breadsticks and an entree, your server will send you home with a whole new meal from the buy one take one menu…just like the stereotypical Italian grandma.

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