New Police Chief To Bring Big Changes To The City of Harlem

New Police Chief To Bring Big Changes To The City of Harlem (Image 1)

A new top cop has taken
charge in Harlem.  Monday, was the first
day as Public Safety Director for former Sardis Police Chief Gary Jones.  So who is the new Chief and what are his
plans for the department?  WJBF News
Channel 6's Barclay Bishop has the answers.

Jones brings with him more
than three decades of experience, including his position as interim director of
the Augusta Youth Development Campus.  But
now his focus is on the city of Harlem. 
We caught up with Chief Jones to find out what was on his agenda for the
city.  Folks there have been experiencing
what seems to be a revolving door for its public safety directors.  Jones says it's time to get down to business,
bringing change for the better, to the city and those who live there.

“They can expect one
with an open door policy, not just for the officers who work for me, but also
for the public as well.  They don't need
an appointment to see me,” said Gary Jones, Harlem Police Chief.  “If I'm here, my door is always open.  They can expect someone to be involved in the
community, be involved in events and so forth and be accessible.  They can also expect to have someone who
intends to reduce crime in the city, as well as recruit and retain some of the
best officers in the area.”

Chief Jones says his main
goal is that he wants the community to see his officers as friends.  Obviously he says they'll enforce the law
when needed.  But part of helping to
portray that friendly image, he says, is by rebuilding morale within the
department.  Getting them the equipment
that they need since some of it is expired. 
Small things that Jones says will go a long way.

“I want to rebuild
the image of the department,” said Chief Jones. 
“I want officers to be more customer-friendly, so to speak, community
oriented.  We're going to use the term
community policing, a lot here in Harlem and that's the route we'll be

Jones will be the fourth
public safety director to take charge since 2009.  The last one, David Sward, was on the job for
15 months before turning in his resignation. 

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