Augusta Man Says He Saw The Aftermath Of Downtown Fight

Augusta Man Says He Saw The Aftermath Of Downtown Fight (Image 1)

vicious video that is sending shock waves through the CSRA.

cut it off about halfway, I was just disgusted really,” says Marcus Brookes of Augusta, GA.

guess I was shocked,” says Downtown Development
Authority Executive Director Margaret Woodard.

“My initial reaction was just how horrible it was,” says The Book Tavern Co-Owner David Hutchison.

The clip
shows several men brawling in front of The New Moon Café on Broad Street. Two women
even get involved in the fight. The fighting
goes on for more than two minutes and then you can hear what
sounds like two gun shots being fired.

Two big questions people in Augusta are
asking are where were the Police and why has nobody heard about this incident
until now?

We tried to get an interview with Sheriff Richard Roundtree or someone else at the
Richmond County Sheriff's Office, but they told us they couldn't talk about the
street fight because they just found out about it from the video.

But that
doesn't seem to add up with the story of Marcus Brooks, who says he was there
to see the aftermath of the brawl, minutes after it ended.

know, there were a lot of cop cars and there was an ambulance just coming up the
street. There were a lot of people around and they had a stretcher ready,” says Brooks.

says he saw that one man was seriously injured and says the man was taken away
by the ambulance.

The fighting took place in front of Hutchison's
bookstore. He says although it concerns him that it happened so close to home,
he isn't worried about violence downtown.

majority of the violence happens after two o'clock in the morning. We are not
down here at those hours and most of our customers will not be down here after
two o'clock in the morning,” says Hutchison.

Brooks says he has been seeing an increase in violence in the downtown area.

“More people are starting to come out and some of those people probably shouldn't be out. It just gets crazy,” says Brooks.

Business owners in the area say they were questioned by the
Richmond County Sheriff's Office on Monday.

Investigators say they are trying to
find witnesses who were there when the fight was going on.

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