Behind The Scenes With Augusta’s Hazmat Response Team

Behind The Scenes With Augusta's Hazmat Response Team (Image 1)

Wayne Taylor, Special Operations Chief of Richmond County says, “This grant is very
important in saving the citizens of Richmond County money by taking use of this
grant to purchase these upgrades and the resupply this unit.”

Taylor says an upgrade to outdated
equipment could save lives.

“It's available 24/7
as far as that goes because it's right here at one of our stations ready to
respond,” said Taylor.

This is the Hazmat
Response Team truck that is full of equipment needing upgrades.

Some of the outdated
equipment ranges from Drager tubes that measure levels of chemicals to air paks
for breathing.

The truck is also equipped
with a Geiger counter to check radiation levels after a spill.

But what about protective
suits for first responders?

Jason Nappi, meteorologist of WJBF-TV says, “In case of a
disaster first responders would put on this suit first and then the Hazmat suit
goes on top of this.”

This is the encapsulated
Hazmat suit that protects responders from dangerous chemicals in the air.

Emergency crews have 60
seconds to put on the air pack and bunker suit and then another 60 seconds to
put on the Hazmat suits that are fully encapsulated.

There is also a mobile
weather station that records temperature and wind data.  Chief Taylor says weather plays a big part at
a Hazmat scene because…

“You definitely don't
want your people in the area where the vapors or vapor cloud or plume is moving
towards you,” said Taylor.

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