Brad Means Does My Job: First Responder

Brad Means Does My Job: First Responder (Image 1)

When tragedies strike, the heroes come out. Men and women who know just what to do when a normal day gives way to devastation.

They are our first responders and the reason they can handle it here
is because they learn to handle it here.

Training grounds.  Where our first responders make sure they are always ready.

“Our first duty is protecting the citizens of the county, says Training Chief Brent Willis.  “So one of our primary goals is going to be to be rescue. It's going to be attempting to get in there and locate any patients or victims, and getting them to a safe zone.”

Today they are letting me train with them.  A quick glimpse into their world, but long enough to appreciate it.

We're getting set to rescue a man from a burning building and we have to cut our way in.

Their gear is very heavy. Remember that the next time you see them moving, racing against time to save lives.

Soon, we have a way in.

Time to move from rescuing to reviving.  These men are firefighters and EMT's.

This may only be a drill but when you're looking at a firefighter on the ground, in distress, with his eyes closed, it doesn't feel fake.

“You learn through your training through fire and EMS to control your emotions.  There's a lot of calls that you'll go on that adrenaline is kicking.  You don't feel the stress or the emotion of it until after the call, says firefighter and E.M.T. Steve Cleveland.

You try not to tackle any task alone.

Firefighter Kevin Stokes says, “Hopefully there's a person on the nozzle and somebody behind that person-Just to help control the water flow and the pressure that comes off of it when there's water coming out of it.”

So the fire is out the victim treated, and the scene safe.
And the biggest lesson I learned on this day is that our first responders are many functioning as one.  A team that stretches from coast to coast.   A team always ready to take the heat.

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