Commission To Discuss Cameras For Riverwalk

Stepping up security downtown is up for discussion at tonight Commission meeting.

On the table is a proposal to install cameras on Riverwalk with signs saying area under surveillance.

The idea was purposed before Friday night's attack.

The cameras are not in the budget, but commissioner Bill Fennoy feels the city can't afford -not- to act to make  downtown  safer.

“We need to look at the long term benefits as long as citizens of Richmond County do not feel safe about coming downtown they will not patronize downtown.

Fennoy is suggesting a subcommittee to look at the idea, to go along with the proposal to put in ten security cameras on Broad Street.

The Downtown Development Authority will receive 75 thousand dollars in sales tax money during the fourth quarter of this year to put towards the project.

But John Hughes of Augusta is not in favor of spending money on security camera's he feels a better investment would be in stepped up security patrols downtown.

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