Meet The “Duck Dynasty” Family Members

Meet The "Duck Dynasty" Family Members (Image 1)

“We are lords of the wilderness…” says Jase Robertson.

And much else these days…

The self-proclaimed rednecks of Duck Dynasty are everywhere…even the top of the ratings charts. Over 9.6 million people tuned into the season 3 finale…making it the most watched show on TV…networks included.

And, if somehow you don't know them yet…meet the Robertson family…

“I'm the CEO of the business,” says Willie Robertson.

“Call me a quack, that's right on target,” says Jase.

“Keeps the blood flowing,” says Jep Robertson.

“All of my stories, they're 95% truthful,” says Uncle Si Robertson.

“Happy Happy Happy,” says Phil, the family patriarch.

Matt Gutman, reporting: “To spend some time with these camo-clad duck call makers…I had to undergo a make-under…”

“You need to be redneckified,” Jase says. “How do you go about doing that?” Gutman asked.

“Heyyy, look here,” says the Robertsons in unison when Gutman comes out in camo gear. “Matt, I forgot, you are missing one thing…” says Jep, as Gutman puts on face paint.

These folks aren't just celebrities, they are bearded deities: praised, photographed, and adored. The genius of it? They really don't have to do much.

“Hide your kids because we are coming!” says Uncle Si.

“It's kind of like 'Seinfeld' in a way, it's a show about nothing, its like watching you guys talk to each other,” Gutman says while interviewing Willie, who adds, “it's a lot like 'Seinfeld'…I always think about 'Seinfeld'. Every time I watch it, I think of it.”

It all started with Phil, who created a business based on a duck call that was sooo good…that when used…”They'll be flying away, they will lock their wings and come back…” says Phil.

But, it's much harder than it looks…

Perhaps more entertaining is country oracle Uncle Si and his tall tales…

“I play hard, I nap hard, I very seldom work hard,” Uncle si tells Gutman.

Then it was time for a Robertson cooking lesson…

Gutman skins frogs with Jase and his wife, Miss Kay. “We have the delicacy,” Jase says. “Oh my God!” Gutman says. “This is the breakfast of champions,” Jase says as he pulls out a frog.

Gutman: “We'll spare you the rest of those details…the eatin' included.

Next up, a little target practice at Jep's house…

Gutman: “That's my water.” Jep responds, “you don't need this water.”

It isn't duck season, so a few flying water bottles will have to do…

Gutman shoots 2 out of 3 water bottles tossed in the air. “Oh,” Jep says, “nice…aw, 2 for 3 though, that ain't bad…”

Last year, in August, Jase Robertson and his wife Missy, were in Aiken for an appearance and sat down for an interview with WJBF News Channel 6. Click here for that story.

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