Sales Taxes, Property Values Deal Augusta Budget Double Blow

Commission To Vote On Downtown Safety Plan (Image 1)

Tax dollars are not adding up for the city of Augusta.

The Tax Assessors office says there's been minimal growth in property values.

It was anticipated there would be a million dollars in new revenue this year but that will be short by more than 400 thousand dollars.

 And sales taxes going into the general fund are down by more than 500-thousand dollars compared to the first quarter last year.

That has some commissioners saying plans are needed to adjust budgets to make up for the expected losses.

“I'm always going to worry if we're not seeing the revenue that we're expecting we want to make sure that our budget is always a balanced budget and that's what we look for so I think we're all a little concern that's why we are being proactive, says Commissioner Mary Davis,

Davis says she wants options from city bean counters, but is clearly against any plan to increase property taxes.

“That's the last thing we want to do is raise property taxes right now,” she said.

City Administrator Fred Russell says while finances are a “concern” he doesn't feel immediate action is needed, he says the numbers will be closely watched with the city looking to see if the trend continues through the second quarter of the year.


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