UPDATED ON 6: Aiken High School Students Back In Classes After Bomb Threat

UPDATED ON 6: Bomb Squad, Sheriff Clear Scene on15th Street After Suspicious Package (Image 1)


***POSTED at 2:02 P.M. on Tuesday, May 7th***

Law enforcement has finished searching Aiken High School after a bomb threat and students are now back in their classes.

Aiken County Public School District spokesperson Tammie Newman Classes tells us the Aiken Department of Public Safety contacted School District's public information office and stated students have been returned to class and law enforcement will remain on campus until everyone is in class and back on schedule.


***POSTED at 11:34 A.M. on Tuesday, May 7th***

According to Aiken County Public School district spokesperson Tammie Newman, Aiken High School was evacuated Tuesday morning “as an overabundance of caution due to a possible bomb threat”.

Law enforcement agencies are currently on the scene to include the Aiken Department of Public Safety, along with Lexington County and Richmond County K-9 units.

Newman says, “there is no indication of danger or validity to the threat; however normal school activities will not resume until the building is deemed safe by law enforcement. A complete search is underway at this time. Any allegations of students being sent home or the school closing today are false.”

Sergeant Jake Mahoney, Aiken Department of Public Safety's Public Information Officer, stated, “As an overabundance of caution, students have been placed in a safe location away from the school facility at this time. We have several officers and K-9 units in place to search the building. At this time, we have not discovered anything that would put students or employees in harm's way.”

“The precautionary measures taken by school officials and law enforcement are for the safety of our students and staff. Bomb threats are taken serious by Aiken County Public Schools and we are grateful for the cooperation and collaboration displayed by our staff, parents and all law enforcement agencies involved,” states Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Everitt.

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