Veterans Job & Career Expo Being Held Today

Veterans Job & Career Expo Being Held Today (Image 1)

Finding a job can be hard these days, but even more so for those who are just coming out of the military, making the transition into civilian life.  WJBF News Channel 6's Barclay Bishop has more on a job expo that could help change that. 

It's always good news to here that the unemployment rate for all veterans has fallen from this time last year, but many are still job seeking.  Today is the first of two job expos that will be held this year.  And while it's open to the public – there is a strong focus on service members.  Retired from the Air Force, Tom Goode, is one of those who says it's very hard to transition from military to civilian life.  You go from volunteering your time – serving your country – while receiving a consistent paycheck.  But when it's all done – and you retire – you're essentially starting all over.

“I think it can be very difficult.  A lot of times military people want to go back home because that's where family is and job opportunities may be limited there,” said Tom Goode, Retired Air Force.  “I think the skill set for military people can be greater, but it can be difficult translating your military skills into civilian skills sometimes.”

“It's really hard to get a job out there, especially when you spend 3 to 4 years, or some soldiers, well some servicemen spend 20 or 30 years,” said Maruf Chowdhury, E4 Specialist.  “When you get out, you have no clue what's going on out there, and every year things change, job market changes, so I believe it's going to be really hard.”

If you can't make today's expo, you will have another opportunity when they hold their next one in October. 


Veterans Job & Career Expo

When: Tuesday, May 7th

Time: 9:30am – 2:30pm

***9:30am – 10:30am for Warrior Transition Battalion Soldiers and their family members ONLY

Location: Fort Gordon Army Reserve Center (15th Street and Lane Avenue)

Open to the Public





Participating Organizations:


Alliance Tractor Trailer

Apexx Behavorial Financial Group

Augusta Vet Center

Augusta Warrior Project

Automation Technologies, Inc.

AxxessConnect, LLC

Bluestream Professional Service

Budd Workforce Solution

Columbia County Sherri_


CSRA Transportation, LLC

CSX Railroad

Delta Air Lines

Department of Juvenile Justice

Department of Veteran A_airs (Human Resources)

Edward Jones


Fort Gordon Employment Readiness Program

Fort Gordon Exchange

GA Health Science Medical Center

General Dynamic Information Technology

Grantham University

Gwinnett County Police Department

Home Depot


Intelligence Careers

Janus Research


Macy's, Inc.

Multilingual Solutions, Inc.a Career Center at (706) 721-3131.

OLH, Inc.

People Link


Rural Sourcing, Inc.

South Carolina Dept of Corrections

Southern Company

Southern Wesleyan University

SZANCA Solutions, Inc.


Today's Sta_ng

Trident University International

USDA Forest Service




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