City Of Augusta Fined For Environmental Violations

City Of Augusta Fined For Environmental Violations (Image 1)

Tonya Bonitatibus, executive director of the Savannah Riverkeeper says, “This is our drinking water. Our drinking water comes out of
the river relatively close to that Marina and so you really have to make sure
that the gas tanks that you're using are not going to possibly contaminate that
drinking water.”

Bonitatibus says it is good that the Environmental Protection Division
discovered violations at the Augusta Riverfront Marina.

Jason Nappi, meteorologist at WJBF-TV says, “One of the violations included a failure to install
overflow preventions systems at the Augusta Riverfront Marina.”

This is where the underground gas tanks are stored at the

Since the discovery by the EPD a liquid overflow sensor was

It shuts off the fuel pumping system as soon as it detects a
rise in liquid.

There are also two, twenty-thousand gallon underground storage
fuel tanks at the Augusta landfill.

But the maintenance manager says those tanks are safe and
there was never a threat for groundwater contamination.

Melvin Jacobson, Manager, Augusta
Environmental Services Dept. says, “It was primarily just the paperwork needed to be done
because once we had the overspill protection put in we had our floats checked
and once we had the separate party come and do our checking there was no leaks.”

But Tonya Bonitatibus says with all the chemicals in Augusta–
more needs to be done to keep the environment and our drinking water safe.

Bonitatibus says, “Augusta does have a huge amount of chemicals. I mean there
is no denying that. We have DSM chemical and PCS nitrogen is right here in
downtown Augusta and that's the single largest outfall in the state of Georgia.”

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