Downtown Alliance Meets at the Riverwalk

Downtown Alliance Meets at the Riverwalk (Image 1)

The Downtown Alliance held a meeting Wednesday at the Riverwalk near the 8th Street levee breech.  A fairly large crowd turned out to discuss recent incidents that have occurred in downtown Augusta.  Last week, a couple was brutally beaten while sitting on a Riverwalk bench.  Also, a brawl in downtown Augusta that was caught on camera lead to concerns over safety.

Despite the recent violence, District One Commissioner William Fennoy said that the downtown area is safe.   He also pointed out the recent investment of sixty to seventy million dollars for the Augusta Convention Center on Reynolds Street.  Fennoy said the image of downtown needs changing and promised to do whatever he can do make the area safe for all.

Concerned citizen Pat Clayton plans to meet with City Administrator Fred Russel about beefing up downtown security.

Clayton called for improved lighting on the riverfront and would like to see more bike patrols during the day and at night.






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