Mill Owes Thousands In Back Taxes

That old mill downtown is not only an eye sore it's also years behind on paying taxes.

Commissioners discussed the Abandoned Southern Milling Company Building at Tuesday's meeting,

Current property tax records show the owner of the mill owes more than $28 thousand dollars in taxes and penalties on the property.

The mill has been vacant for more than ten years, the roof is gone, the walls are caving in the basement is flooding, with the water smelling like chemicals.

The owner Edgar Mathews of North Augusta says there are no hazardous chemicals on the site, but Augusta Commissioner Marion Williams is not buying that.

“The amount of time that it's been in there that somebody isn't under that three to four to five feet of water down there you just don't know what if a child falls over in there what if it is toxic and some chemicals in there then what are we going to say we should have done something then,” says Williams.

Mathews and his lawyer say the property will be torn down in six to eight months.

We talked to the city tax office as to why the city has not foreclosed on the property if taxes are not paid the answer we received is the property is coded as contaminated.

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