Ready to Ride: Officer Biking to DC for Sandy Rogers

Ready to Ride: Officer Biking to DC for Sandy Rogers (Image 1)

Karl Odenthal has biked hundreds of miles over the past several months to get
ready for one long, hilly 250 mile ride.

riding in memory of fallen officer Sandy Rogers:  Months ago when asked what Sandy would say.

first thing she would tell me is I'm crazy,” he laughed.  “She would say, ‘You're going to go 250
miles,'” he speculated.

So what
about now when it's finally time to saddle up for Sandy?

still think she'd say I was crazy for going the distance,” he laughs, “but I
think she'd be encouraging as she usually was. I think she'd get a kick out of

is about to kick it into overdrive: 
Wednesday morning he met up with officers from around the country.  They're loading their bikes up and driving
from Charlotte to Portsmouth, Virginia. 
From there, they will drive in to the National Law Enforcement Memorial
in Washington D.C.  This Georgia State
Trooper who is riding for the third time says thinking about the fallen
officers puts it in perspective.

“At any
moment they would love to be in my position and be back with their family and
friends and coworkers,” says Trooper Crystal Griffin. “So for me, it's easy to
do, and even at the hardest moment, it's not that hard.”

Agent Al Samuels is also a repeat rider. 
He says it isn't easy.

second day you get up and your legs feel like they're 2,000 pounds each and you
have hills in front of you,” he says.

Last year
he pushed the pedals up those hills for Aiken Public Safety Officer Scotty
Richardson, even though they'd never met.

“In a
strange way you connect with that department with that family and you also
connect with that officer,” he says.

Odenthal had years to connect with Officer Rogers–and he says she's been
riding with him, helping to push those pedals.

talked to her a bunch while I've been training,” he says.  “When I didn't feel like training or it was
really cold I would think of sandy and it helped push up the hills.”

that's what's pushing him on the road ahead.

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