Is The Augusta Riverwalk Safe?

Is The Augusta Riverwalk Safe? (Image 1)

seems to be concerned with safety in downtown Augusta. Police say the
Riverwalk attack happened sometime after 11:00pm, while the downtown brawl
happened sometime after 2:00AM. News Channel 6's Mike Miller went to the Riverwalk between the hours of 7pm and 11:30pm to see how safe the area was.

At the Riverwalk, Mike asked Daniel Webster of Martinez, GA, “have you noticed anything sketchy?”

Webster replied, “No. Not at all. No. I say hello to everybody and they say hello to me. And like I said, this is beautiful. A beautiful place.”

Hannah Vandall of Grovetown, GA said, “well, at this time of day (8:00pm) I do. But I definitely wouldn't be out here past 9:30.”

Gerry James of Grovetown, GA said, “I
do feel safe out here right now. But I know in any city when it's night
time, that's when the kind of sinister characters come out. You always
have to be viligant.”

Sara Roper of Edgefield, SC said, “I mean, it could have happened anywhere at anytime.  So
I still feel safe out here. If some creepy guys starts coming up and
it's two in the morning then yeah, I'm going to go somewhere else.”

Wynisha Etheridge of Augusta, GA said, “If
it was a little darker, a little later, I probably wouldn't feel safe
out here. You know, it's a big area. That's why I say I come out  when there are enough people walking around in the day light.”

We also spoke to a man who says he sleeps at the Riverwalk every so often. He told us, “This place ain't safe at night, bro. After hours. If you don't
have a gun or if you don't have a dog with you, or with somebody as a
group, You don't know who you are going to meet. I mean you might meet a
drunk, you might meet somebody on crack, on ice, or meth.  You might meet somebody that needs money to get out of town.”

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