Two Speed limits, One Road; Which One Is Correct?

Two Speed limits, One Road; Which One Is Correct? (Image 1)

Courtney Elledge reporting, “One side of the street on Wrightsboro Road in Grovetown has a 40 mile per hour speed limit. Across the street and in less than a one mile stretch– the speed limit is 45. A five mile- per- hour difference. This has Grovetown citizens confused, and asking one question.”

Jocelyn Chambers Grovetown Resident says, “I was actually going 45 in this direction. I don't know what made me look, but I turned around and looked, and it was just bizarre. “

Columbia County administrator Scott Johnson says the city of Grovetown is responsible for setting their own speed limits.

Johnson explains, “It shouldn't be one speed limit on one side of the road, and another on the other. We work hard in Columbia County to make sure that doesn't happen. Sometimes errors happen. I don't know why this happened. “

We asked the Mayor of Grovetown, why and how this happened. He says the speed limit chaos is out of the city's hands.

City of Grovetown Mayor, George James says, “I really don't have an answer for that. Wrightsboro Road is set by the state. It's a state owned road, and Department of Transportation sets the speed limit.”

James says they've reached out to the Georgia Department of Transportation to see why they made one side of street 40 miles per hour, and the other 45 back in 2011.  He says the DOT hasn't answered his questions.  With two different speed limits on one road, he says it creates a safety concern.

If you're confused as to which speed you should drive, and you're trying to obey the laws– Mayor George James say play it safe and drive 40 on both sides.

The mystery as to why the flat, straight road has two speed limits remains unsolved. Until then, we will continue to reach out to the Georgia Department of Transportation for answers.


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