Case Cold But Not Closed: Still Searching for Missing Aiken County Boy

Case Cold But Not Closed: Still Searching for Missing Aiken County Boy (Image 1)

Jeremy Grice was last seen barefoot by his mailbox on Miller Road.  That spot no longer looks the same, instead of the mailbox, there's a sign saying “road ends.”  But the road hasn't ended for the investigation because Jeremy is still missing.

“I don't think he's in a five mile radius, but he could be in a 20 mile radius and never be picked up on,” Jeremy's Uncle, David Smith says.

Smith is the Police Chief in Burnettown.  He says hearing about the women found close to home in Cleveland makes for mixed emotions.

“All this keeps rushing back in, you relive everything, you rethink everything,” he says. “You think you've come to terms with these hopes and these dreams then it all falls back apart.”

Hearing Jeremy's family describe his laugh and the way he lit up a room, it's hard to believe it's been nearly 28 years.

“He was full of energy and never met a stranger, unfortunately,” he says.

Police received hundreds of leads, including some saying Jeremy would be found in a nearby pond.  He wasn't, so they're still looking, hoping he's alive.

“That's the one thing we have for every case, is just hope,” Captain Eric Abdullah of the Aiken County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) says.

It's hard for the family each time they see a blonde man around Jeremy's current age.

“My mother, she thinks this person over here has the qualities of Jeremy,” Smith says.  “She saw someone on the news in the background that looked like it could have been Jeremy.”

And ACSO believes someone watching with that description could be Jeremy.  They say the most important lesson out of Cleveland is for someone like him.

 “If anyone is missing and is held captive, it's almost like raising your hand in the classroom, you need to raise your hand and ask for help,” he says.

And for everyone who remember this case:  Jeremy's family has a plea.  The physical evidence is long-gone, but it's you who could help bring him home.

“They may say I've told five investigators this information five times,” Smith says, “but the only thing I can say is tell the sixth investigator the sixth time,” he says.

Because that sixth could bring him home.

If you have any information, however small, about Jeremy's disappearance, please call the Aiken County Sheriff's Office.

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