Could A Water Park Be Coming To Augusta?

Could A Water Park Be Coming To Augusta? (Image 1)

Facebook page for Rapid River of Augusta Water Park was created back in March.
We have had a few people contact us about the water park because the page
doesn't have much information. So we
did some digging to find out if the project was real.

The page has more than 5,000 likes
and a whole bunch of positive comments. People seem to be excited about the
possibility of a water park in Augusta. The Facebook page says the park will be
located off I-20 and Riverwatch Parkway, and that it will open in May 2014.

Since an opening date has apparently been established, we decided to check out
the plans for the water park at Augusta Planning and Development.

I asked Augusta Zoning Administrator Bob Austin, “Do you guys have any plans or
any kind of proposal in place for a water park?” He replied, “we don't.”

Our next step was to call the
number listed on the Facebook page. A woman named Toni Alford answered the phone. She said she was working with the developer on the water park, but
she said she couldn't talk about the details. She told us to contact the water
park developer Wayne Canty.

We did some more research and
found out that Wayne Canty also tried to build a water park in Columbia County
back in 2012. He wanted to call the park Splash of Augusta. Back then he was
asking the public for help to fund the project.

As for the current project plans for the park in Augusta, Austin says he's still waiting to hear from

“If they are going to get
something going by sometime Spring 2014 then
they better get some plans into me soon. That's all I can say.”

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