“Out There…Somewhere”: BBQ Cook-off Is Not Just A Man’s World

"Out There...Somewhere": BBQ Cook-off Is Not Just A Man's World (Image 1)

Eddie Hill is ready to “Q” barbeque, and they have a name for his team in these parts. “Papa Eddie and the Hoggy Bottom Boys… it's a family thing. I got my boys and they're the hoggy bottom,” he says.

Papa and the boys are at the Boss Hog Cook-off in Waynesboro, Georgia.

Also competing; there's Dad's, and The Fat Boys, for these guys grilling is a gift from above.

“Well, I think God gave me an ability and talent to do cooking barbeque cooking,” said Rainey Anderson, from Keysville, Georgia.

“Yeah, it's just in our blood. Yes, it's guy time get out of the house and getaway,” said Jason Blackburn.

Oh, there are women in this world, but they've been pushed to the background, I mean, you can't have ladies around something like all this.

“Prepare, purchase, and clean up behind the men, that's it, they get all the glory,” says Jean Hill, Mama to Eddie's Papa.

Barbecueing is a man to man thing, it's a bare-knuckle battle. Barbeque babes…is there room for them?

“Can be, yes, they can. They should, let's be smart about this answer,” says Blackburn.

But, best be careful what you say around Dionn Lanton, and not just 'cause she carries a knife, she's a mother of three in this man's world, but check out the hardware. She has won a lot of trophies in barbeque competitions, so she's a barbeque wonder woman and she's not alone.

“I probably know 30 or so women who are out there and compete and, let me tell you, there's a lot better than the men. They probably have more award then the men do,” said Lanton.

Papa Eddie says it's true, the barbeque babes are for real. “There are a several groups out there that are women they do hold their own,” he says.

“There are more men than women, but again, we're better so we earn our respect that way,” said Lanton.

But, Papa is not planning to lose to a woman. “Not I, no,” he said.

This barbeque battle is just heating up, and when there grilling the meat know this isn't just a man's world especially with Mother's Day on the way.

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