“Stamp Out Hunger” Food Drive Will Be Held Saturday

"Stamp Out Hunger" Food Drive Will Be Held Saturday (Image 1)

Saturday, the Golden Harvest Food Bank will kick off its 21st annual, “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive.  The organization is teaming up with Campbell Soup Company and The National Association of Letter Carriers to make it happen.  It's about the easiest food drive you could ever take part in.  All they want you to do is leave one or more canned goods by your mailbox prior to delivery time on Saturday.  In the 30 counties Golden Harvest serves, they distribute about one million pounds of food each month.  And with the summer time approaching, officials say that's when donations are at their worst.

“There is a lot of need out there,” said Carrie Jones with the Golden Harvest Food Bank.  “And food is just one of those things that you can't do without.  You've got to have the food, so food drives like these help us get the food to those who do need it and we're going to make this summer a whole lot easier for a lot of folks.”

Nationally, “Stamp Out Hunger” is the largest single-day food drive held.  Last year, they collected more than 70 million pounds. 

“There are a lot of folks that need the extra help, maybe paychecks aren't going that far,” said Jones.  “And the food pantries are out there to help them get the extra groceries that they do need.  So these are definitely huge drives and very important to us to be able to get in products so that we can then distribute it.”

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