911 Calls Released From Downtown Augusta Brawl

911 Calls Released From Downtown Augusta Brawl (Image 1)

Many have been asking how the large downtown brawl got started. We've been trying to find answers to that question all week.

We got our hands on the 911 tapes and the incident report in an attempt to find out. Here is the transcript from some of the calls:

911 Dispatcher – “Hello. This is Augusta 911,
do you have an emergency?”

Caller 1 – “Well, there's a pretty big fight
that kind of broke out downtown.”


Caller 2 – “There's a fight downtown, right
here. I'm just coming through downtown and I just seen a fight down here on
Broad Street.”


911 Dispatcher – “Augusta 911…”

Caller 3 – “Hey you need a lot of cops out for the JB
White's Building. There is like a fight. People are getting the (Expletive)
beat out of them outside the JB White's Building on Broad Street.”

911 Dispatcher – “Okay we already actually have someone headed
down there.”

Caller 3 – “Okay, well, they need an ambulance. They need
more people… an ambulance needs to be here.”

911 Dispatcher – “Any weapons involved?”

Caller 3 – “I think I saw someone with a gun but I haven't
heard anything going on, but people are just beating the (Expletive) out of
each other.”

911 Dispatcher – “Okay.”

Caller 3 – “You need to send multiple ambulances. You need multiple


911 Dispatcher – “Did you see the person that had the gun?”

Caller 3 – “I see blood and there's. No, I don't know who it
is… I just heard someone said that someone has a gun. I'm trying to get the (Expletive)
out of here. You guys just need to get some ambulances here. Like, there's…
people are like… look like they're dead, like you need to get ambulances here

911 Dispatcher – “And you said
no shots have been fired?”

Caller 3 – “They are on my car. Like you need to…

911 Dispatcher – “Sir?”

Caller 3 – “People are fighting in the streets.”

911 Dispatcher – “Can you calm down? He cannot hear me. He
cannot hear me.”

Caller 3 – “I'm sorry. I'm sorry.”

911 Dispatcher – “What were you saying?”

Ambulance Service – “How many patients are there?”

Caller 3 – “There needs to be… (pause)… gunshots… two
gunshots… two gunshots… two gunshots.”

911 Dispatcher – “Was there anybody hit?”

Caller 3 – “No. It's time for me
to go. No, I don't know.”

911 Dispatcher – “Do you see a victim?”

Caller 3 – “No. I left. I'm out. I'm out. I don't see a
victim, but you guys… why is no one getting here? Why is it taking so long for
someone to get there?”


911 Dispatcher – “You just heard me on the phone with the
ambulance. He is on the way…”

Caller 3 – “Okay, well, where are the police at?”

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