Georgia Grades Schools on College and Career Readiness

City Leaders Push For Panic Button System In Rich. Co. Schools (Image 1)

The Career Readiness Performance Index replaces the No Child Left Behind's Adequate Yearly Progress measurement in Georgia.  There are 57 schools are in Richmond County. Three of them achieved a 100 average, according to the state's new grading system. Those three  were  magnet academies, which administrators say focus  only on a specific field.  School board members say Georgia's new grading scale gives a more accurate read, allowing them to make improvements. 


Doctor, Carol Rountree says, “We would be able to capture more data and see what really goes on in schools.  We want them to be more successful in life so, we're really looking for preparations for students in college and careers.”


The College and Career Readiness Index grading scale revealed that nearly 70 percent of the 52 schools in Richmond County scored below the state average. Dr. Carol Rountree admits that changes need to be made.


Dr. Rountree says, “When you differentiate instruction it means that I am going to look at grouping and regrouping students to where it would truly benefit them better.”


Doctor Rountree says they may also create new programs to increase scores and provide the best education possible.


“We're looking at the science program; we're encouraging the STEM program in many of our schools so that brings attention to science and math. So we will be breaking down the data, looking at what it means in each area, not just the final score,” says Roundtree.


Doctor Rountree says they may also implement programs that change teaching methods, catering more towards visual learning.


To learn more about the Career Readiness Performance Index  or to see where your school scored click here




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