BMX Bike Facility Racing To Evans

BMX Bike Facility Racing To Evans (Image 1)

There's a new park coming to Columbia County. Instead of baseball diamonds and soccer fields, this park is for the skaters and BMX bike racers.

 Randy DuTeau with Columbia County Visitors Center says, “What do I think it will mean for the community? The BMX facility is going to be another nice facility. It's a safe area for kids to ride and also skate as well.”

Three acres of Blanchard Woods Park will be used for the two new facilities.  That's going to cost about $900,000 which will come from the state's recreation sales tax fund.

Columbia County's Community and Leisure Services Director, Barry Smith explains, ” In the new year we will have two new facilities to academic that sector of the community, people are real excited about it. We've actually teamed up with United States of America BMX. So we'll make sure to have to where we can attract some regional, even national championships.”

 It's no secret that a National BMX track will attract hundreds of visitors, but what about safety concerns?

Randy DuTeau with  Columbia County Visitors Bureau says, “You know  with extreme sports, there's an inherent danger to that. With bicycle motor cross, kids wear pads… You just have to find the risk that you're willing to take.”

 Columbia County leaders are hoping that risk pays off–both in quality of life and economic development. The two projects  could be completed by 2014.



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