Riverfront Abandoned Property Problems

Riverfront Abandoned Property Problems (Image 1)

There are abandoned companies along the river that need to
be cleaned up…like 330 and 386 Prep Phillips Drive.

These properties are owned by the city of Augusta and have
turned into dump sites for people getting rid of trash.

Mike Stacy, Operator at Riverfront
Marina says, “We have noticed a couple trucks headed down here over the
years. We could tell the back of their pickups were full of trash, maybe some
old tires.”

Mike Stacy has been patrolling the Riverfront for thirteen
years and he says there's only so much he can do.

“We can't be here 24 hours a day and a lot of the stuff is
being dumped here at night and I'm not sure if there's any cure except for if everybody
around got some responsibility to them and quit doing it,” said Stacy.

Some people are taking the easy way out and dumping tires
because of new law that requires proper disposal of used tires.

“I think Mother Nature's bringing this place back. It just
needs to be cleaned up. Keep some of the people from dumping their household
trash here as well,” said Stacy.

But Mike Stacy says that with all the old car parts in the
soil maybe this abandoned property is better left alone so that the problem
doesn't get worse.

“If somebody was to come in here and start bulldozing and
digging up dirt you're gonna be exposing some real nasty stuff that's been down
there for probably a hundred years. Then if it rains while you're working on it
then you're really going to see contamination in the river,” said Stacy.

We went to the County Commissioners office today and are
waiting to hear back about what the city plans to do about these abandoned

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