Riverwalk Infrared Cameras

Riverwalk Infrared Cameras (Image 1)

Dozens of tips have poured into Crime stoppers about all of the suspects. Now, efforts to find the accused beater have taken a different path. WJBF News Channel Six's Dee Griffin is in studio with more on what's being done.

CrimeStoppers Director Griff Griffin has spent more than a decade tracking down criminals on land. Now, he and his team are patrolling the river in their effort to drown crime in the downtown area.  “We hope that they see that we're turning over every rock and doing everything to provide them the safest visit to out riverfront that they can get,” Griffin says.

Armed with a pair of binoculars and a boat, Griffin floats along the Georgia and South Carolina river fronts looking for any clues that criminals are hiding in plain sight covered by thickets along the water.  He says it's an extra line of defense in order to keep business afloat in downtown. “The downtown merchants are gonna feel the pinch of this attack for we don't know how long. But we do know that people are saying, “I'm not coming back downtown,” Griffin explains.

He's not stopping with the boat and binoculars, Griffin has also come up with a plan to post infrared cameras in trees along the river.  He says, “as you can see they're a lot smaller than they use to be. The batteries last a lot longer. The mega pixels, meaning the clarity of the picture, the detail of the picture is a lot greater.”

It's providing a greater chance of catching criminals sooner before another victim is attacked later. “We are putting them in locations that people would A) not be able to reach them so they can't be stolen and B) never dream they were there” Griffin says.  Meanwhile, washing out crime.. Before it tarnishes one of the cities greatest treasures. “If we don't stop crime, crime will stop us.”

Griff Griffin says there have been several sightings of Kevin Richardson in the downtown area.  He says Richardson may have cut his hair and is no longer wears locks.  Anyone with information on the brutal attack in downtown Augusta should call police or CrimeStoppers.



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