Georgia Regents University Unveils New Alma Mater

GRU Pumps $1.8 Billion Into Local Economy (Image 1)

More than 1,000 graduates of the inaugural class of Georgia Regents University were among the first to hear a new alma mater during the university's spring Commencement on Friday, May 10th.

Along with a new fight song that debuted in February, the alma mater was commissioned when the University System of Georgia Board of Regents in January 2012 announced the consolidation of the former Augusta State and Georgia Health Sciences Universities.

The song is composed by Dr. Martin David Jones, GRU Professor of Music; and written by Jim Garvey, a retired English Professor at former Augusta State University.

“While I've composed music for churches and in other capacities, this is the first time I was asked to create an alma mater for a growing, new university,” Jones said.

Garvey characterized the song as a hymn that incorporates three verses, one dedicated to each of the former intuitions, and a third and final verse descriptive of the consolidated GRU.

“I knew I needed to find a way to characterize the two former institutions that were being consolidated,” Garvey said. “Two words came to mind – “healers” for the Health Sciences campus and “dreamers” for the Summerville campus.”

“The song is a unifying element and I hope that is what people ultimately take away,” Jones said.

Click here to view the alma mater.

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