Hazardous Chemical Spill Site Has Augusta Residents Worried

Hazardous Chemical Spill Site Has Augusta Residents Worried (Image 1)

Thomas Green of Augusta says, “It's kinda scary. Ya know is the water safe now. It's kinda
scary, but I'm glad to see they are out here cleaning it up.”

This is what's left of a major chemical spill, contaminated
soil, and lots of it.

Jason Nappi, meteorologist at WJBF-TV says, “The E.P.A. is still testing for soil contamination that
happened from a chemical spill on the other side of this fence over ten years

Those tests are still reporting significantly high levels of
chemical concentrations in the soil.

Aubrey Street of Augusta says, “It does concern me ya know anything that's polluted,
especially from runoff and anything like that. So standing water, anything that
may be coming up from the ground.”

In September the EPA plans to clean-up the soil.

It will cost 7 million dollars from the Superfund that was
put into place to clean up hazardous sites.

But Aubrey Street says it's about more than just money.

“That's not just a price tag you're putting on everything.
It's the health and well-being of everyone, too. It's a bigger issue than just the
money,” said Street.

Street wants someone to be held accountable for destroying
the environment.

“Not pass it along to the taxpayers. If they can go after
whoever was the actual owner of the problem then they should be the ones to own
up and have to pay up for it,” said Street.

Thomas Green agrees.

“I mean somebody really needs to get down to the bottom of
it, dig deep and find out what's going on. It's our kids we are talking about,
it's ourselves that we are talking about,” said Green.

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