South Augusta New Business

South Augusta New Business (Image 1)

There's a new local business open in South Augusta. It's jump starting an effort to pump money into the area's economy. WJBF News Channel Six's Dee Griffin has more on how the business is helping the southern part of the city.

Vic Johnson has spent his career doling out medicine to help cure what ails his customers. Now, he is taking a calculated step in opening a pharmacy in South Augusta. “We're out here on the southern frontier. No one else is out here,” Johnson says.  His business is called “Living Well Pharmacy.” The locally owned pharmacy on Mike Padgett Highway near Tobacco Road is the first of its kind in the area. It's being touted as a much needed shot in the arm for the southern section of the city.  “There is not another pharmacy within six miles of this location and when you consider there are almost fourteen thousand households in Goshen this is really an important venture,” explains Sue Parr of the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce.

The pharmacy comes on the heels of recent discussions about ways to bring more business to South Augusta. So much so, Augusta Commissioners have contemplated the creation of a recruiter position to target businesses for this area.

For Vic Johnson, this location reaches a vital, yet, under served community and a bustling crop of big industry that employees thousands of people.  Johnson says, “they're employees may not live out here but their employees work out here and their medication management, therapy management, is just as important to the corporate factory world as it is to them individually.”

By opening the pharmacy, Johnson also plans to provide a dose of old fashioned personal attention that is often missing in newer stores. “Unfortunately they don't get to spend the time with their customers and patients that I can do,” explains Johnson.

Last month, Commissioners gave the City Administrator the green light to develop a plan to hire a recruiter to bring in new businesses to the south Augusta area.

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