What’s Next For Ambulance Service In Augusta?

Augusta Commissioners are debating what's next for ambulance service in the city.

Commissioners voted back in February to put the service up for bid, and those proposals will be looked at in two weeks.

But now, there's a move to shut down the search for a new company.

“That contract is several years old. We wanted to go back and take another look at it and it's kind of ironic because my colleagues voted unanimously at the last Commission meeting that we would go out for RFP's on all contracts in excess of a million dollars,” says Augusta Commissioner Bill Lockett. “How can you be for it last week and this week be against it?” we asked Lockett. “It doesn't really make too much sense to me,” he answered.

Ambulance service proposals will be opened in two weeks, but city leaders will vote next week on shutting down the search for a new company.

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