Adopt-A-Pet: May 15, 2013

Adopt-A-Pet: May 15, 2013 (Image 1)
Adopt-A-Pet: May 15, 2013 (Image 1)

Kevin Shivley, with Greyhound Crossroads, appeared with WJBF News Channel 6's Ed Bloodsworth and our Adopt-A-Pet coordinator Anne Sawyer on Wednesday, May 15th.

During the segment, Shivley appeared with two gentle greyhound dogs rescued from a race track in Orlando, Florida. He has 2-year-old brown and white City Boy, and Anne Sawyer has Razor Patch, a 3-year-old female dog that is white with black spots.

For more information, call 706-855-8974. Shivley says the dogs are 45 mile per hour couch potatoes that love being inside and resting most of the day.

Several greyhounds meet at a track in Evans, Georgia to race on Saturdays.

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