Mosquito Season Safety Tips

It's mosquito season again and
although most of these flying pests are harmless, some can carry serious
illnesses such as West Nile and Dengue Fever.

So authorities say, you need to guard
against them.

Five years ago, the tourist town of
Key West, Florida began seeing what would be dozens of cases of dengue.

Officials took action immediately.

Stephen Smith with the Florida Key
Mosquito Control says, “The most important thing we could do was get a
message out to the people who lived there that they had to partner with us to
knock down the mosquito population.”

So they sent representatives door to
door and asked residents to get rid of standing water, and protect themselves
with bug spray and long clothing. 

Today, Key West is Dengue free.


“The primary thing is public
health the secondary is nuisance. I


If you can eliminate nuisance you can
help public health issues.”


Mosquito experts say in order to avoid
being bitten try these tips.


Dress with long sleeves and long pants
during dusk and dawn when mosquitos are more prevalent.


Get rid of standing water around your
home, because mosquitos love to breed in water.


And of course, use an insect


And always keep an eye on public
health alerts to make sure you are doing your part to fight the bite.

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