New Augusta Garbage Customers Trash Getting Service

New Augusta Garbage Customers Trash Getting Service (Image 1)

The paint is metallic green, but what showed up at Calvin Overstreet's home on Bennock Mill Road has him seeing red.”I was kind of shocked myself they didn't give anybody any notice or anything that they were going to set them out, they just sat them out,” said Overstreet, while painting a friend's home on Bennock Mill Road.

What are being put out at the homes of 3,000 in deep south Augusta are trash cans to service new customers for city pickup. 

“I really think they should take the cans on back up,” says Overstreet.

Starting June 3rd, the city is expanding trash pickup, the first major increase since 2005.

But, you can see how this is being greeted by some…by how the cans are being treated on Bennock Mill Road; some have been left in the ditch.

“That's where it's going to stay until they come get it. I don't need two garbage services,” says Marion Wiggins.

Landfill officials admit the effort to expand garbage service hasn't been all neat and tidy. They are hearing from many residents who didn't want to be included in city service.

“We are hearing it. Some don't, some do and change is tough and new opportunity…it's hard to have service in part of the county and not be inclusive of everyone,” says Landfill Director Mark Johnson.

Marion Wiggins doesn't want to be included. He lives on a 700-acre farm, and farming generates a lot of trash. He has his own dumpster service and has no use for his city can. “And, what they're going to force me to do is to have two trash services. That bucket they gave me…that's going to last about a day,” says Wiggins.

Wiggins feels those who live on a farm should be able to opt out of trash service. There are no rules for that now, but that could change.

“As we've pushed out, we've found there's a new need, for agricultural farming, forestry as a potential exemption. We'll be taking that before the Commisison,” says Johnson.

But for new customers like Calvin Overstreet, there's no brushing this off he's about to become a city garbage customer.

“I think it sucks now I really does,” he said.

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