Candlelight Vigil For Deputy Alton Creech

Thursday evening a candlelight vigil was held for Richmond County Deputy Alton Creech. At the time, Deputy Creech's pastor told WJBF News Channel 6 that the deputy was not doing well and was in serious condition.

Kimberely Scott spent some time at the vigil and talked with Pastor Steele.

“He was a great guy man who was transformed by Christ a number of years ago and is faithful to share with everyone the love of God,” Pastor Kevin Steele, from National Hills Baptist Church, said. 

Pastor Steele added that Deputy Creech was not just a member of his church, but also a friend

“We went over to South East Asia together, just a couple of years ago, sharing the good news of Christ, that was his passion. He got to work for the Sheriff's Department, but he loved Christ.”

Deputy Alton Creech was injured in a motorcycle accident Thursday afternoon, and by nightfall word spread.

Family, friends, and fellow officers gathered outside of Georgia Regents Medical Center to pray, light candles, and leave notes of support for Deputy Creech.

He is described as a man who was willing to share the details of his faith with anyone. Pastor Steele explained, “[I] was listening to some of the fellow deputies talk about that, when they wanted to find out about the Lord or God's word, they knew who to call, they called Creech… He held that kind of integrity.”

While Deputies Creech's wife of more than 4 years, stayed by his side, others continued to pray outside.

According to Pastor Steele, in addition to owning his own motorcycle, Deputy Creech road a motorcycle while patrolling for the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

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