Bikers Remember A Richmond County Deputy

Bikers Remember A Richmond County Deputy (Image 1)
Bikers Remember A Richmond County Deputy (Image 1)

Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree shared his thoughts on his deputy tonight saying that he was much more than just an employee. He was also a friend. And not only are law enforcement remembering their colleague, fellow bikers gathered to honor him as well.

Community members and friends say he was one of Richmond County's top deputies. As word became known that Deputy Alton Creech passed away, the motorcycle memorials took off.

Keith Warner of the Columbia County Motor Cycle Division is of the many that are still in shock of his death.

“You kind of just jump right into work mode. You get going, you can't bring your emotions to the scene. You gather witnesses and start getting information. Then there's that moment when it hits you that that's somebody I know, that's my friend.”

Creech is known as  one of Richmond County's top deputies across the CSRA. His friend, Kenny McGee says, “It's surreal. I think it makes it even more harder when you were just with somebody and you find out hours later they're gone.”

Each roaring engine represents his motorcycle family. A husband, police officer, and friend that will truly be missed.

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