CSRA Remembers Richmond County Deputy

CSRA Remembers Richmond County Deputy (Image 1)

Family and friends gathered
Friday night to honor the life and legacy of Richmond County Deputy Alton

Deputy Creech died Friday
afternoon at the hospital. He had been there since his motorcycle accident on Thursday.

He was involved in the crash with a car on I-20 Westbound near
Belair Road. Investigators say that Creech was off duty at the time, and the
accident happened while he was riding his personal motorcycle.

Friday, fellow law enforcement
officers went out with Creech's family and friends for a vigil to remember

“If you're like me, you're
trying to think of something good about what's going on,” says
Chaplain Ken Gross.

And that's exactly why friends,
family and law enforcement officers gathered on Friday night. To remember the
good times they shared with Creech.

“Alton was a great person.
He was full of laughter. He always had a story to tell. That's one of the main
things that you can say about him. He had some very vibrant stories and he told
them with such enthusiasm you really felt like you were apart of the
story,” says
Deputy Billy Hultman.

Hultman says he met
Creech when they were teenagers. He said as they grew up, they lost touch with
one another, but they reconnected at the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.
Hultman says Creech was a man of God, a family man and a dedicated police

“He's always been passionate
about law enforcement since I've knowing him. When I met him he was in the
process of applying for a law enforcement job. So I know it was a passion of
his from day one,” says Hultman.

Hultman says this is a difficult
time for everyone at the Sheriff's Office, but especially for Creech's family.
For Hultman, Creech's death brings back memories of other officers who have
died so young.

“I hope people understand
that we are law enforcement officers and we do have that thick outer shell, but
inside we are people just like everybody else. We have feelings, we have
friends, loved ones… it effects us the same.”

Funeral arrangements will be
posted on the Richmond County Sheriff's Office Facebook page sometime in the
next few days.

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