Beech Island Remembers Slain Barber

Beech Island Remembers Slain Barber (Image 1)

This work space was a dream come true for Zannie Worrell. That dream faded away Saturday afternoon when Worrell was killed in an attempted robbery.  Those who live in the small Beech Island community say they're shocked and overwhelmed with grief.

“To know that someone just stripped that from him, his family, his unborn child that's due real soon it just hurts. It hurts,” Vernon Wright, current owner of Island Cuts Barbershop tells us.

A tragic act of violence that residents believe had no place or meaning in their city.

Sheila Ready, life-long Beech Island resident adds, “it was senseless. If they wanted some money, they need to get them a job.”

The Beech Island community seemed to support that logic; coming out in dozens to show their respect at a moving candlelight vigil.

That amazed the victim's mother, Juanita Worrell. She says, “by the crowd here, I know that he was well loved just as much as I loved my son.”

But the death serves as a grim reminder that crime could be outside anyone's back door.

“It does surprise me that someone would actually come into a small little barbershop in the middle of the day and kill someone,” says Wright.

Sharon Greenwood, also a resident, shares her feelings on the men responsible. Saying, “it was some ruthless cowards coming from Augusta to do this.”

Residents and family members say they will not let this scare them. Instead they say they're putting their faith in their creators and the Aiken County authorities. Wright adding, “I'm an advocate for law enforcement.” Ms. Worrell says, “I'm putting it in the law's hand and God's hand first and I know justice will be served.”

The two suspects investigators say believe are responsible are being held at the Richmond County jail until they are extradited to South Carolina.


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