Cold Weather Damages South Carolina Peach Crop

Cold Weather Damages South Carolina Peach Crop (Image 1)

Chalmers Carr, owner of Titan Farms says, “Well it's very
stressful, but there's nothing you can do about it. We can run a little bit of
irrigation. Some guys have some wind machines, they can do stuff like that. But
it is a matter of degrees.”

Chalmers Carr says a late-Winter hard
freeze damaged a quarter of his peach crop.

“We did have a freeze
in late-March that gave us a little bit of crop damage. So overall I'd say we
have 75% of our crop. We lost some of our early varieties due to that,
especially in some low-lying areas,” said Carr.

This peach crop was hit
hard by an early Spring cold snap…

The mercury dropped to 28
degrees on back-to-back nights back on March27 and 28th-That's about 15 degrees
below average.

Those freezing
temperatures damaged these peaches permanently.

And just last week we were
hit by another cold wave…

Temperatures bottomed out
at 40 degrees on May 14th, a record low for the middle of May.

While that wasn't cold
enough to damage this year's crop further, it slowed down production by 2

But the news isn't all bad
for Titan Farms.

“We've had a very
long, drawn-out bloom. We've had good cell development which should make for
larger sized peaches as we go into the ripening process. It gives the fruit a
better chance of getting its sweetness as well,” said Carr.

The difference between
damaged fruit and perfect, juicy peaches is easy to see…

The seeds on the green,
flat peaches suffered damage during the freeze….

Versus the red and round
peaches that are perfect.

All of these peaches came
off the same tree and Carr says one or two degrees colder and he would have
lost the whole crop.

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