CSRA Company Building Storm Shelters

CSRA Company Building Storm Shelters (Image 1)

It doesn't get much scarier than this…a violent tornado ripping through Moore, Oklahoma.

We've had our close calls with violent tornadoes here in Georgia, too…

Remember the Adairsville tornado from a few months ago?

The owner of Columbia County Tanks does and he's been building storm shelters for over five years.

John Milford, owner of Columbia County Tanks says, “A lot of people ya know don't have a secure place. It gets you out of a tornado situation and into a safe place.”

Safety, that's what everyone's number one priority is when a tornado hits and Milford says the demand for storm shelters is very high.

“With the strong winds, debris, stuff like that, a lot of houses and people don't have a place to go to feel safe and there's a lot of people that are scared of storms and it gives them a secure feeling,” said Milford.

Even if you are lucky enough to live next to one of the tornado sirens on GRU's downtown campus…you still need somewhere to go when the storm hits.

Jason Nappi, meteorologist at WJBF-TV says, “When severe weather hits the only place you are guaranteed to be safe is inside this 5,000 pound concrete storm shelter.”

These storm shelters can be special ordered to fit on your property.

Each one costs from three to five thousand dollars, depending on excavation.

Milford says it's much safer than your bathtub.

“It's pretty secure. I mean only this face and the ceiling actually sticks out of the ground. Dirt is brimmed up all around it. You'll be a lot more secure here than in your home,” said Milford.

And if you believe that your house won't be destroyed by a tornado…

“The house may be really strong and a tree come down through there, ya know same difference with the house coming, it's coming down,” said Milford.

For more information go to cctanks.com

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