Is Botox Safe for Young People?

Is Botox Safe for Young People? (Image 1)

Not a crease nor wrinkle can be found on Claribel Vega's 23-year-old forehead, and she's counting on Botox to keep it that way.

At 23, you wouldn't really have wrinkles, right? So, how do you know that the Botox is actually helping you to stay younger?

Claribel says, “Well, I had one or two wrinkles starting to come out…like, on my forehead, but after the Botox, I didn't see it at all.”

It started out as treatment for her migraines but now…

“Is this something you think you will continue to do to continue to look younger?” we asked. “Oh yeah, I will. I will continue doing it,” Claribel says.

Battling the sands of time with Botox is increasingly becoming a trend for women in their twenties…even teens!

“I have a lot of 27-and 28-year-olds, especially ex-tanners that smoke, that I do pretty consistently every 3-4 months,” says dermatologist Dr. Jeanine Downie.

Women of all ages are increasingly treating this syringe like the fountain of youth. But, of the 6.1 million Botox Type A injections performed in 2012… almost 100,000 of those injections were patients in their 20s…a ten percent increase in that age group from the previous year.

Dr. Downie says her preference is to inject patients over 30, but she admits, in many cases, the younger you start, the younger looking you'll stay. “I started doing Botox in my early thirties. If you don't crease the envelope, you'll never get the line, you'll never have the crack or the crease,” she says.

The 60-year-old that started at 50 will still look better than her age match counterparts that never started Botox. The 60-year-old that started when she was 30, will look much much better than her age match counterparts.

Good Morning America tracked the crease obsession back in 2010…when teen Filipina internet singing sensation Charice revealed she got Botox at the age of 18. Tens of thousands of teens followed suit.

Gonzalez says it's just part of her normal beauty routine, “it's like getting a haircut. It makes me feel better.”

The phenomenon is causing some dermatologists to suffer from frown lines.

The president of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons says he won't give Botox to women under 30. He thinks it's more important to inject them with self-esteem.

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