Many Changes Coming to Columbia County Elementary Schools

Columbia County schools
Columbia County schools

The moving trucks sit
outside Martinez Elementary. It's the last day of school, also the last day
that second grade teacher Myra Smeak will spend in her in classroom, A room
with nearly three decades of worth of memories.

 Myra Smeak says, its home,
it's a piece of me. I've been in this building for 27 years, and I realize it's
just a building, but still its little piece of my heart.”

As the clock ticks the
young students realize in a few hours they'll never be in this building again.

Second grade student, Christopher says, “I'm
going to be a little sad, because all my memories are in this classroom.”

It's a bitter sweet time
for faculty and staff.  Martinez
Elementary will be re-built into a two story building. With a state-of-the art
media center, lunchroom, and new technology.

Principal Wade White explains, “This building is 50
years old. It's a tired building. It's so hard to say goodbye, we're going to
miss the school so much.”

The second grade teacher
and nearly 200 Martinez students will be heading just two miles down the road
to Belair Elementary.  For one year, that
school will become the new Martinez. The remaining half of faculty and staff
will be housed at Evans Elementary for the 2014 school year.

The walls and halls may change
but Smeak and her students say they'll always be the eagles.

Although Belair Elementary will no longer exist next year, all of it's employees will still have a job. Nine of it's teachers will be now working at Martinez Elementary. The rest will be transferred to the new Evans Elementary on Gibbs Road.



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