Are Richmond County Pools Safe For Swimming?

Are Richmond County Pools Safe For Swimming? (Image 1)

Ashlee Williams of Martinez, GA says, “Swimming is a big part of my life. So without this pool we would be in trouble. We'd be in big trouble.”
Ashlee Williams and Debbie Hopkins can't imagine not swimming. They've been doing it all their lives.
Debbie Hopkins of Grovetown, GA says, “I live way out the west end of Columbia County and I've been coming here for 12 years and it's worth the drive because every time it's clean. I never worry about contamination, ear infections, I've never had an issue.”
Randy Weigel also swims at the Augusta Aquatics Center two to three times a week and he says cleanliness is never an issue here.
Randy Weigel of North Augusta, SC says, “When I see them coming through the locker rooms and scrubbing and going out and checking the pools and doing maintenance backflushes and things like that then I know that I'm pretty secure in swimming here.”
I also went to the Wilson Family YMCA where they are getting ready for the big grand opening for their outdoor pool.
Chris Pinto is the Aquatics Director and he says the CDC has strict regulations for outdoor pools, requiring tests every hour.
“With the sun it can really kill all the chlorine and with a low chlorine and ph level the bacteria that's in the pool could affect the swimmers,” said Pinto.
Sherita Cash sees the lifeguards doing tests regularly.
It makes her feel comfortable swimming here.
Sherita Cash of Augusta, says, “If I didn't see them checking the water so often I'd probably be worried, but they check it all the time. I see them check it all the time.”

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