EXCLUSIVE ON 6: Local Family Loses Relative in OK Tornado

EXCLUSIVE ON 6: Local Family Loses Relative in OK Tornado (Image 1)

In the past 48 hours, we've learned new details about the devastating tornado in Oklahoma.  

State authorities say 24 people died including 2 infants.

Monday's tornado barreled through Moore, Oklahoma – the tornado was on the ground for 40 minutes and the disaster zone stretches more than 17 miles.

The tornado demolished an elementary school, crushed homes, and leveled buildings.

Crews believe as many as 13-thousand homes are destroyed.

A family here in Augusta has several family members in Oklahoma – and lost an 8-year-old when that tornado hit.

Nola Steimel received a text on Monday when she learned a deadly tornado hit Oklahoma – a place where she has several family members.

“I went to all pieces and so did my husband but we can't travel,” said Steimel.

Nola Steimel's sister's grandson – or her great nephew – died Monday when tornadoes hit that elementary school. She says her 8-year-old great nephew was a 3rd grader at the school, and loved to play soccer, and loved going to church. She says because of her age, she couldn't travel down to Oklahoma but played a very important role right here in Augusta.

“I've made over 600 phone calls. I had family in OK city and Moore. They couldn't contact one another. Right now the most important thing is contact. They don't have a lot of cell phone use, or water,” said Steimel.

She says the tornado also destroyed her nephew's house, and leveled her granddaughter's bedroom.

“I wish we could be there. We love them to death but we can't travel,” said Steimel.

8-year-old Kyle Davis' funeral is set for Friday. His sister survived the tornado but Kyle wasn't so lucky.

“He said I love you, and he said I love you too papa. It's just really hard,” said Steimel.

The price tag from the tornado is already at 2 billion dollars. President Barack Obama plans to visit Oklahoma to see the damage, meet with survivors and first responders.

Kyle Davis' great grandfather, Ray Dixon, was a prominent minister in
Augusta for nearly 60 years.

If you want to help the family, you can contact them: 405
517 6414


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