Home of Lowest SC Crime Rate is “Home of Ten Governors”

Home of Lowest SC Crime Rate is "Home of Ten Governors" (Image 1)

The “Home of Ten Governors” is also the home of the lowest
violent crime rate in South Carolina.

Strom is Edgefield born and bred.  She
isn't surprised to hear that her sheriff's office has the lowest violent crime
rate in the state, and is also one of the best at cracking cases. 

“If I
need 'em any time all I have to do is call them,” Strom says.

She says
it's because the officers are good neighbors.

“They talk
to all the people in here, they get to know them, Sheriff Dobey comes in here,”
she says.

Edgefield County Sheriff's Office says that is what makes the difference, but
they give the community a lot of that credit.

number one asset is our people,” says Corporal Robert Harter.

“It falls
back on the citizens,” echoes Forensic Investigator Curtis Morris. “Everybody
knows everybody in Edgefield County. You've got to know your neighbor and they
do and that's what helps us out.”

County has a far smaller budget and far riskier demographics than other
counties with higher crime rates. Morris says his job isn't what you see on

“As far
as highly technical gizmos and gadgets that you see on CSI, we can't afford it,
the county simply can't afford it,” he says.

He says
he says something far better:  The people
of Edgefield County:

“The leg
work counts 90 percent,” he says. “It's getting to know that victim, getting to
know the public around that victim, and having them put their trust in you to close
the case for them.”

So when
it comes to being in the one percent for the lowest rape, robbery, and juvenile
crime rates, it's not the money that matters.

“We don't
have the most officers, the newest equipment, the latest technology, but we do
have people that care,” Harter.

And the
people they care for, care right back.

love 'em all, I don't have no special one, they all are special to me,” says

Harter says he'll take that over high-tech and high budgets any day.

“We'll keep our people,” he says.


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