Sex Offenders May Get to Challenge Ruling

Warning About Puppy Flipping (Image 1)
Warning About Puppy Flipping (Image 1)

South Carolina's highest court says some sex offenders should have the chance to challenge a ruling ordering them to be electronically monitored for life.
The state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that those convicted of abusing a child are entitled to appeal that monitoring decision.
The court decided the case of Jennifer Dykes, who was ruled a sex offender after she was convicted of a lewd act on a child charge stemming from her relationship with a 14-year-old girl in Greenville County.
Dykes was found to be at low risk to re-offend but was ordered wear an electronic ankle bracelet for life after violating her probation.
In a dissent, two justices said they would eliminate lifetime electronic monitoring altogether. This was the second time the court has considered the case.

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